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Lanark Rural Routes, Volumes 1 and 2

Lanark County Routes, Lanark County Genealogical Society, 2021

In addition to my personal research, I enjoy contributing to the work of historical and genealogical societies that share my interest in family and community history. The Lanark County Genealogical Society (LCGS) recently published the latest of the organization’s series of books featuring the history of Lanark County – Lanark County Routes, volumes one east, 174 pages, hard cover; and volume two west, 168 pages, indexed, hard cover. My copies arrived last night, and Don and I had a great time exploring them!

Kudos to the project coordinator and editor of book two, Rose Mary Sarsfield and to Sue Cronkwright for assembling and editing of book one.

The first of these books features the townships of Beckwith, Montague, Pakenham and Ramsay. The second book, the townships of Lavant, Darling, North Sherbrooke, Dalhousie, Lanark, South Sherbrooke, Bathurst, Drummond, North Burgess, and North Elmsley.

These books provide a way to share the history of rural communities within the county with new and young residents. They are also a useful resource for people seeking the origins of their family within Lanark County. Although these books were originally intended to showcase maps of the townships, their strength lies in the descriptions of family properties and the photos that contributors shared. The maps are of mixed usefulness. The size of the books, 12×12 inches, allows for details to be viewed in smaller maps but the detail of larger maps is lost and would be best viewed on-line or in-person. It would be great to know where one can do this!

The content of the LCGS books is dependent upon submissions from volunteers so they are not comprehensive. If you are interested in the history of families from Lanark County, please keep this in mind and contribute to future ventures.

In Lanark County Routes, two communities of particular significance in the county are featured. In Book one, Beckwith Township, and especially the portion traditionally known as “the Derry”, is well represented, thanks to the input of records submitted by Bill Mains. Although Bill currently resides in Lethbridge Alberta, Bill’s childhood home was in the area covered by his submission. In Book two, I (Diane Miller Duncan), currently a resident in Calgary Alberta, shared preliminary research that I am conducting regarding the settlers along the Scotch Line near Perth, and, of the families who arrived in Canada as part of the Edinburgh Settlers in 1815. My childhood home, Tayside Farms at Glen Tay on the second concession of Bathurst, is nearby. Many of my paternal ancestors were among the settlers who arrived with the Edinburgh group in 1815.

Other books published by the LCGS are Seasons in the Wind – Tales of Lanark County (family stories of Lanark County), 293 pages, hard cover. and Lanark County Legends (Stories of individuals of note from Lanark County), 486 pages, hard cover.

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