Family History & Genealogy

“If poetry is emotion recalled in tranquility, then history is the imagination disciplined with facts.” Bede

The extended Miller family

I have two deep-rooted passions – art and family history. When our family was young I returned to formal studies at Carleton University and graduated with a BA(Honours) in Canadian Studies. I loved working on this degree because it allowed me to follow a number of interests and to integrate them into a whole. Previously I had pursued many opportunities to further my interest in art but among the courses that I participated in was a series in Genealogy. I was hooked!

My family, the Miller’s of Bathurst, Dalhousie and Lanark Townships, in Lanark County, Ontario had an annual family gathering when  all the local families came together, allowing the younger generation to get to know some of their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins! What memories come from these gatherings. My grandfather and others of his generation had organized the first of these gatherings in 1948 and they continued until the late 1980s when my parents no longer felt able to organize the event.

At the first gathering a one page listing of family generations and connections was documented. From that I was able to add information gleaned through document searches completed during my Algonquin College extension studies. Later, my father, newly retired and in possession of his firsts computer took up the challenge. With assistance from other family members and a friend, he assembled an inch thick record of genealogical information about the generations of the family. Today I am keeper of many of his resource notes and have undertaken to further this work but with my own twist. I want to document the ‘story’ of the families of each of my grandparents and those of my husband’s grandparents for future generations. I decided to do it publicly, hoping that others will contribute and further the work that I do.

The following information is a compilation of my ‘pedigree’ in a number of family lines. I am particularly interested in documenting the female lines in the family to complement the work that has been previously researched on male family lines.

I am sharing this ‘point in time’ research in the hopes that if you have different information or can fill in gaps in information, you will contact me for a discussion and sharing of information.

These blog  postings will primarily focus on the family history of the Miller, Mather, Ferrier, Ashby, Duncan, Simpson, Coxford, Scott families who settled in Eastern Ontario in the early 1800’s. I will include community history that relates to the story of these families to provide context.

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