Andrew Miller, Lanark Society Settler

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Andrew Miller, member of the Glasgow Canadian Emigration Society, 1821

Andrew Miller, youngest son of William Miller and Elizabeth Gilmour, married Catherine Munro, eldest daughter of Peter Munro and Mary McNabb about 1825 in Lanark County, Upper Canada. Andrew and Catherine’s family were William (1826), Peter (1827), Andrew (1830), John (1832), Mary (1834), Elizabeth (1835), Robert (1836-1838), Catherine (1840), James (1843), Jane (1845) and Robert (1847).

Andrew Miller, who was baptized 15 Sep 1799 in Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, arrived in Quebec on the brig George Canning with his parents, 14 April 1821. Andrew traveled as part of the Glasgow Canadian Emigration Society under the leadership of Walter Black. His father, William Miller and brother James Miller were also members of this group and all three registered their location claim on 15 July 1821.

Prior to departure he served for a time with the 79th Foot, 2nd Battalion. In their records he is listed as a weaver. Upon arrival, he is described as a bachelor and his military records describe him as five foot six and quarter inches tall and weighing about 183 pounds. His appearance is described as fresh, with a pale complexion, long face, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. His residence is North Parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and his occupation is weaver.

Map portion of Dalhousie Twp
Andrew Miller Dalhousie Concession 1 Lots 13 and 15

Upon arrival in in the Lanark settlement Andrew claimed lot 15 northeast in concession one of Dalhousie Township, close to his father’s location of lot 15 southwest in concession one of Lanark township. These land claims are documented in early military records that describe the lot as rocky, with only a small clearing in 1834. Andrew moved from this property, probably about 1827 when he purchased the southwest portion of Dalhousie lot 13 concession 1 from Peter McNabb who received the patent in 1825. This parcel was sold to Hugh Hunter, Jr. on 26 March 1839.

Andrew appears to have joined his older brothers in Bathurst township prior to the 1834 Report on Settlers. He located on Bathurst lot 9 of concession 2. And the 1942 census indicates that at that time he had seven children, born in Canada and living with he and his wife Catherine. This property was part of his will in 10 Jan 1870.

Portion of Bathurst Twp map
Andrew Miller Land Bathurst Concession 2 Lots 7, 8, 9

On 6 Jan 1847 Andrew Miller purchased Bathurst lot 8 Con 2 (all) from John Miller. Crown originally granted to Archibald Fraser 1 Feb 1833. On 3 August 1860, Andrew transferred part of this lot to Peter Miller and the remainder to Andrew Miller, Jr. Peter Miller’s will was probated 10 Apr 1889. On 2 Apr 1897, Andrew and his wife Elizabeth E. Miller sold their portion to Peter J. Noonan.

In the Memorial copybook it appears that Andrew purchased Bathurst lot 7 NE concession 2 (part), 26 Mar 1847. He obtains the deed 13 Mar 1849. This property was part of his will 10 Jan 1870.

The 1851 census we discover that the family lived in a log house with eight of their children and Andrew’s brother Robert. John who was born in 1832, died prior to the census in 1851 and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Perth. William, the eldest, does not appear on the 1851 census but is living with the family in 1861. He will marry shortly after this census and move to Saugeen township Bruce County.

Catherine Munro, Andrew’s wife died 12 August 1858 and the 1861 census tells us that Andrew continues to live in the log house with six of his children. Peter has married Margaret Mason and is living nearby with daughter Ellen. Andrew is unmarried but also living nearby. Mary has married Roderick Weagant and they immigrated to North Dakota in 1860.

Andrew Miller died 28 Sep 1869. His will was probated 10 Jan 1870.


  1. I have an eerily similar family tree from Horton township littered with Fraser’s and mcnabbsand family name archibald


    • Hi Linda,
      I know that some of the Lanark Millers are connected to the Renfrew Millers – I just haven’t fully explored it yet. I am currently assembling summaries of what I do know about people and it is amazing how that helps me discover what has been previously missed. Would you like to explore this further?

  2. There are Bain’s, Macnaughton s and in my husbands family. They are fram New Brunswick and Gaspeda, Quebec.

    • Do they have any tie to Lanark County?

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