Ripples in Time

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Fibre Art

Ripples in Time, Mixed Media/Fibre, 29.5″ h x 40″ w, Diane Duncan 2015


29.5″ hx 40″w

Artist Statement

During a visit to childhood haunts along the Tay I recalled how the river influenced my formative years. The Tay, the river where I learned to swim at the age of five was a favoured canoe route between Christie Lake and the town of Perth, Ontario. An unfulfilled dream of a red canoe still survives! The family sugarbush hugged the shores of the river and provided a place to daydream and relive the adventures of ‘Anne’ of Green Gables fame. Water creatures, like those among the cattails, found their way into my classroom during my teaching years.

Ripples in Time, 2015

The Creation of Ripples in Time

Childhood Haunts

Ripples in Time, Detail, Diane Duncan, 2015

Ripples in time began its life as a whole-cloth hand painted background. Texture to create the ‘ripples’ in the water was added with hand stitching and embroidery. For a while ‘Ripples in Time’ languished at this stage as I contemplated how to represent the maple leaves that I envisioned. As a result of an on-line course with Arlee Barr I was off to the races again. Each leaf was created individually, padded, then heavily ‘textured’ with hand stitching before applique to the background. The leaves were layered, some created from sheers others from patchwork, others just stitched.  I added reflected colour to the water with hand stitching before appliqueing the leaves to the background. Cattails with a 3-D pod were created with dimensional embroidery and I still wasn’t satisfied. A red ‘vinyl’ canoe, a paddle with water dripping from it and a curled leaf with resting 3-D dragon fly were added and I was happy with it.


My Heritage, Second, Mixed Media, 2016.

My Heritage 2016 Exhibition Locations

Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue, Main Floor, Edmonton AB – Thursday May 5th, 2016 – Opening Reception 7 pm

Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue, Main Floor, Edmonton AB – Daily 7 am to 11 pm until July 12

Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue, Second Floor, Edmonton, AB – July 13th to August 31

Artstream Gallery at PageMaster, 11340 – 120 Street, Edmonton AB – Sept 1st to 30th

Dow Centennial Centre, 8700 – 84 Street, Fort Saskatchewan AB – November 1st to 30th

Viewers may vote for their choice for a special ‘Viewers Choice’ award. Ballots are provided.

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