Fibre Artist – Jennifer Cooper, West Vancouver, BC

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Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper and one of her projects – a Jean Jacket with special meaning

Jennifer Cooper has a heritage that inspires her artwork, her west coast and fishery series in particular. She feels strongly that the Canadian fisheries, whether east or west coast, was a dominant factor in the settlement of this country and needs to be highlighted. The off-shore fisheries were popular for centuries before official discovery and settlement of this country and has been a critical factor in the development of Canadian culture.

Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper – The Fisheries and Family History

Jennifer dates her first piece of fibre art to the summer she was 12 when in she spied a project in a popular women’s’ magazine of the day. It involved two cotton handkerchiefs, melted crayons and over-dyeing with black dye. She credits her older brothers with teaching her how to sew. The finished piece, artfully quilted, rests on a side table in her current home.


Although Jennifer frequently states that she creates her art for herself, she has participated in a number of shows over the years.


After a hiatus of many years, Jennifer returned to quilting and fibre art on the millennial New Year’s eve. Her husband was working and she needed to keep busy.

Jennifer Couper

The to-scale fishing dory

Since 2000 Jennifer created a series of works featuring the cod fisheries of the east coast and west coast salmon. She even created a 1/3 scale 3-D fishing dory replica!

Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper – Paper, Pet Project

Jennifer works in a variety of media and is currently working on a series of pet collages using papers.  Unexpected commissions have resulted following exhibition of a piece she created for a friend.

Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper Quilt on Book Cover

A few years ago Jennifer was surprised to learn that one of her pieces had been photographed at a show and used on the cover of ‘A Quilter’s Guide to Floral Quilts’ by Marion Haslam – an incident that seems to have ended well.

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