Fibre Artist – Janet Bednarczyk, Oliver BC

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fibre art

Don’s orchids have provided Janet Bednarczuk with lots of inspiration

Janet Bednarczyk recently moved from North Vancouver to Oliver BC and can’t believe her luck in finding a home with space for a studio with a wall of windows overlooking vineyards and orchards. Janet and her husband Don are busy personalizing the gardens surrounding their new home and building a controlled environment greenhouse for Don’s prize orchids.


Don’s Orchid

They are busy settling into their new community but Janet, now working only part time as a physiotherapist, is maintaining regular studio time pursuing her artwork.



When I visited, she not only had fibre art to share with me but watercolours and other artwork either in progress or completed ready for the next show.

Fibre Arts

Janet’s Studio Journals are wonderful

Her techniques are varied and she is constantly pushing the boundaries of new skills. Katazome, a method of dyeing fabric using a rice paste resist has captured her interest at the moment and we spent quite a bit of time talking about some of the stencils she is creating and how she is using them with this technique. She uses mulberry paper and a fine mesh for her stencils and they are proving quite durable.

Janet uses stencils in her Katome work

Janet uses stencils in her Katazome work


Janet and I share and interest in learning more about fibre art marketing and have established galleries on the Fibre Art Network website. You can check out her work and that of other member artists and you can also browse the fibre art of various shows sponsored by the group.


Just a taste of some of Janet’s work:

Fibre Art

Janet Bednarczuk’s Art

Janet frequently incorporates text into her work

Janet recently had one of her pieces features on the SAQA calendar.

Janet recently had a piece accepted for the SAQA calendar

Janet recently had a piece accepted for the SAQA calendar


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