52 Sparks for 2013 Art Journal – Week 5

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52 Sparks for 2013 Journal - Week 5

52 Sparks for 2013 Journal – Week 5 – How do you appreciate yourself? ©2013 Diane Duncan


52 Sparks for 2013 Art Journal –  Week 5


Card stock, gesso, stamps, photo, magazine clippings, doodles from a ‘play day’.


This is week 5 of a weekly art journal based on guides provided by Dale Anne Potter.  All pages of this art journal are based on a tag created from card stock.  This weeks challenge was How do you appreciate yourself?

I started this week’s art journal tag by applying gesso and stamping it to create texture before it dried.  I then used a wash of water colour to enhance the texture.  I turned to my clipping file and found both a magazine headline and some brushwork samples that I thought would work with the background.  I happened to have a photo of myself sitting on my desk awaiting an experiment for image transfer and when I determined that the ‘paper’ it was printed on was not water soluble I salvage ‘me head’ and gave this week’s tag the self focus it required.

I found this week’s art journal topic hard to respond to.  I am so oriented towards ‘on to the next project’ that I seldom stop to reflect on how far I have come.  Building this website has forced me to do a look-back through my portfolios and it has made me realize how many steps there have been in this journey, how many aha moments, how often I have proceeded to tackle a new challenge with my knees shaking.  Perhaps we should schedule a regular self-appreciation time into our busy lives to remind us that we’re ‘doing more than okay!

An initial post about this project can be found  in my blog.

Circa 2013


8.5″ x 5.5″


In the artist’s collection.



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