Overcoming Creative Block and a Lesson Learned!

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I’m finally over my creative block – my fear of beginning .  I’ve got two potential exhibition pieces planned and deadlines looming and I’ve been finding all sorts of reasons to avoid actually starting!

Lichen in Ancient Forest, Northern British Columbia

The project I’m focusing on first is based on the photo above taken in an ancient forest in BC in 2011.  It will involve a lot of different techniques and was started in the fall when I experimented with paper cloth. I selected the background fabric before Christmas and managed to join the two into the background surface just before my sister arrived for a visit in early January.

Paper Cloth insert into Background Fabric

This week I layered the top with batting and backing and actually got some stitching done – First some machine stitching with variegated thread and then lots of hand stitching and crochet will help to provide texture for the forest floor.  Adding Stitching to Background

Today I started some thread painting for the ‘star’ of the show.  Now that I’m working on it I can’t put it down!  Especially now that hubby’s surgery has been moved up to next Monday!

Thread Painting Feature Lichen

However, my start on the thread painting came late in the day.  When I opened my boxes of rayon embroidery and thread painting spools I could have cried.  I’ve had them with me in the RV for the last three years and the vibration of the coach has caused many of the spools to unravel.  What a mess!  I loaded bobbins with as much as I could untangle but here’s what went into my thread bag.  Any suggestions for how I can put this to use?

Waste Thread from Unraveled Spools


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