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It looks like weekend blogs may be hit or miss!  Especially when it is granddaughter visit time!  This weekend was especially busy as I am preparing for the arrival of my sister and that means moving my dining table ‘office’ to ‘neater’ locations, clearing my ‘studio’ so that it can be a studio and not just a storeroom, and generally putting Christmas behind me.

Since New Year’s, I’ve given priority to dealing with the ‘must do’ procrastination list and getting some order back into my life!  A move, and a busy fall culminating in a five-week bout with the flu that flowed into Christmas, left me with quite a lengthy list of paperwork and other to-dos that didn’t get addressed before the turn of the year as I like to do!

As for my ‘studio’ – it’s tiny compared to what I’ve had to work with in the past.  However, I’m gradually finding things – and a place for them close to where they may be used.  By the end of this year I hope to have completed a much more thorough sort and a clearance of some items but as I’m in ‘Renewal’ mode, I want to leave my options open in regards to supplies and tools etc until I explore options and redefined my direction.  It’s going to be quite a year!

To give you an idea of why my work area extends to the dining room table for computer and office work, and my kitchen counter gets called into service frequently, here are a few pictures of my ‘studio’.


Art Studio









My tiny 'studio'









Art Studio









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