Computer Learning – Generating a Color Palette

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Last week, before a long weekend filled with visitors, I worked on a couple of watercolor paintings. They were definitely ‘painterly’ and not ‘artistic’. The effort left me decidedly frustrated and I turned for a short time to a beading project (to come) while I processed what had happened and strategized on a new approach.  I’ve been away from my brushes and paints too long!  I’ll share my initial efforts (maybe) in a later post when I can also show new efforts as I ‘progress’ (I hope) on my journey to renew my skills.

Today I’ve been struggling to learn some new blogging skills – working this time with to generate a color palette from a photo. You might want to check out this site as there are lots of tools and toys – free and low cost. Dale Anne Potter uses it for her Friday blog postings and I thought it might make a great ‘learning’ tool for some of my work.


Color Chart from photo


Once I registered and uploaded a test photo, it was no problem to generate the palette.  But what use is a ‘palette’ if I needed to go back on line to check it out while working on a piece?  After some research, and trying several options, I eventually did a screen shot and saved it to a file which I then opened in Microsoft Picture Manager to crop and prepare it for posting.  Then I discovered that blogger will not upload bmp files so back to the drawing board and another step in the process – in the Paint Program.  I was finally able to change the format so I guess it will be directly to Paint next time!  I was also able to save the palette in a format that can be used in Photoshop so learning how to use it in that program is topic for me to explore in the future.


  1. Hi Diane,
    I do a screen capture and save my photos in a file on my computer. Whenever I am stumped for a palette, I will look through them all.
    Glad you liked the idea!

  2. Hello Diane, this is really interesting and something I've been wanting to explore to make creative prompts…

    thank you for becoming a follower today

    greetings from the Windy City ~

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