Glen Tay (Manion) Public School, SS#3 Bathurst Township Photos

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Glen Tay Public School

Ernest Miller School Photo, Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst, c1928

The School Section

The original Glen Tay (Manion) Public School, SS#3 Bathurst Township, Lanark County was located on concession 2 Lot 19. It was conveniently located along the third concession road that led from Perth to Christie Lake. It was located to the east of Dewitt’s Corners and west of the hamlet of Manion, later considered part of the village of Glen Tay. The School Section seems to have stretched along the third line of Bathurst from the edge of Perth (possibly as far as Lot 26) and west to include Lot 15). Along the way, residents of the Glen Tay, Bowes and Leonard sideroads were included as were the ones along the road towards the railway station including homes located on the NE portion of the 3rd concession that would be later found along highway #7 after it was built.

This school, attended by my father and his siblings,  by me and my siblings, and I believe by my grandfather and his siblings was replaced in 1967 by the new Glen Tay school on the Harper Side Road.

Earlier school closures in 1956 brought students to Glen Tay from the Brooke and Wemyss area further west along highway 7, thus expanding Glen Tay expanding the school area greatly.

Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst, 1912

Glen Tay Public School

Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst Twp, Lanark County, 1912 From photo in Miller Album

Back row: Lindsay Cuthbertson, Vincent Bowes, Allie Davidson, Bernard Noonan, Alphonse Badour, Bert North, John Conlon, Emma Roberts, Marie Brady, Gladys Chaplin, Reta Dodds, Wilhelmine Strong, Margaret Rudsdale, Marjorie Strong, Dorothy Davidson, Florence Badour, Emma Chaplin, Teacher – Miss Mary Young (taught in the school for twenty or more years).

Front row: Hugh Brady, Billie Rudsdale, Delbert Cuthbertson, Lloyd Roberts, Neil Anderson, Pat Brady, Ross Chaplin

Note: there were only two windows on the west side of the school at this time. Compare to the photos of the school at later dates in the previous post.


Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst, 1936

Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst Township, Lanark County

Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst, 1936
From personal clipping file, Perth Courier, date unknown

Back Row: Ormond Brady, Harold Conlon, Kenneth Chaplin, Hillard Buchanan, Kay Brady, Betty Truman, Carl Quartermain, Wilford Conlon, Gordon Lark, Kenneth Buchanan.

Second Row: Arnold Chaplin, Charlie Leonard, Doreen Brady, Margaret Jackson, Gertie Jackson, Betty Chaplin, Eileen Wilson, Wilma Clyne, Pat Brady, Donald Bowes, Irene Baird (teacher), Margaret Rogers (teacher).

Front row, from left: Nicklas Webber, Joe Conlon, Newton Buchanan, Helena Dowdall, Etta Sparks, Gordon Bowes, Patsy Conlon, Keith Buchanan, Stanley Wilson, Ken Brady.


Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst, 1923-1924

School Picture SS#3 Bathurst, Lanark

Glen Tay Public School, SS#3 Bathurst Township, Lanark County 1923-1924

Back row: Marcella Murphy, Violet Jackson, Muriel Chaplin, Mary Bowes, Mary Brady, Elizabeth Jackson, Joseph Stephon (teacher), Harry Chaplin, Hubert Murphy, Ethel Chaplin, Cecila McGlade, Hildred Perkins

Third row: Jean Hosie, … Jackson, Anna Murphy, Rita Brady, Margaret Perkins, Mary McGlade, Mae Strong, Pearl Chaplin, Lois Whiticar, Marion Brady, Helene Chaplin, Bessie Jackson, Olive Brady

Second row: Fred Jackson, Boyd Perkins, Ronnie Chaplin, Barkley Perkins, Lawrence Brady, Boyde Brady, George Hosie, Allan Roberts, Armour Chaplin, Dennis Brady, J.C. Murphy, Lloyd Strong

Front row: Lawrence Jackson, Forest Jackson, Joseph Leonard, Hubert Hosie, Herb Brady, Bill Chaplin, Pat Murphy, John Brady



The following Teachers are believed to have taught at Glen Tay Public School. I would like to expand this list with more concise dates and information.

Miss Fisher

Mary Farrell (from Scotch Line)

Mr. John Styles

Mary Young (c1912)

Joseph Stephon (1923-1924)

Mary (Gray) Churchill (late 1940’s & early 1950’s)

Tena (Oswald) Munro (1950’s)

Alice Allan

Audrey Allan

Merle (Fournier) Korry

Mr. David Greenlaw (music)

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  1. Looking to find out if the Glen tay apartment was the
    Sight of the old glen tay school and what year the fire occurred at the school. If you can find out please let me know who died in the fire.

    • Hi Deborah,
      I have not discovered any indication of a fire before the move to the new Glen Tay School. I think if it is to be found it occurred after it became apartments. I would love to find information about this fire as several people have made reference to it. I wonder if a check of the property records would indicate a mortgage or insurance claim registered? I will post info if I find documentation of the fire.
      Diane Miller Duncan

      • Yes it happened after it became apartments.

        • My uncle Hubert Hosie bought the school and built the apartments in the old school. One of the apartments was rented to some lads. They were cooking something on the stove and apparently forgot about it. If I remember correctly on of the boys died. Uncle Hube was terribly upset.

          • Thanks for this info. Do you have an approximate date? I have been recently researching the Hossie family. Interested?

        • I should clarify my e-mail regarding the fire at the apartments. The fire was in the concrete apartment next to the old school not the wooden school/apartment.
          I forgot the date. Maybe the local newspaper has some information. It may have been late 50’s.

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