Books & Art Journals


I have recently discovered the fun of creating small books and art journals to complement my more ambitious art work.

Art journals give me quick gratification and provide an opportunity to try new techniques without a lot of fuss.  Samples that are created can be captured and easily found for reference at a later date.  I have always kept a ‘planning book’  journal where I capture the thinking process as new artwork evolves. For the samples and quick sketches of this process to be used to create an independent piece of art when gathered into an ‘ art journal’  is a new approach for me.  It’s also proving to be a great way to get going when the creativity is lagging and procrastination has set in.

A natural outgrowth of this new interest has been the creation of ‘art books’.  I’ve started small with an envelope memory ‘book’ as a gift for my husband but new projects will be added here as they appear. I’ll be using this portfolio as a personal reference library so maybe it will work that way for you! If this portfolio serves to inspire you, be sure to let me know.  I love feedback.