Watercolour was my first serious venture into the traditional ‘fine’ arts and I immediately fell in love with the medium.  Today I use watercolour mainly in art journals and mixed media but occasionally I do another painting to share.

My first instructor, Doris Wionsek was well known for her calligraphy but gave me an excellent introduction to the use of watercolour.  Later, workshops with a number of artist including Sterling Edwards helped me refine my skills.  It was during this period of art studies that I built my understanding of colour theory and shading  – basics I carry to my work in other media.

My early success at art shows, with a series of floral paintings in watercolour, encouraged me to continue with this subject matter over an extended period time.  Later I moved to local landscape, architectural and still life subject matter.

My work in other media tends to push my work in watercolour to the side, but I look forward to creating new work in this media.