When I started to work with acrylic paint I loved the depth of colour I could achieve in my paintings.  One of my first projects was a major one – a triptych of a view from the eastern edge of the Grand Canyon on ‘large’ canvases!  I worked on this project in the evenings after work and on weekends for an extended period of time and had it finished and hung in time for my son and daughter-in-law’s pre-wedding festivities.  I chose acrylic because I liked the fast drying characteristic and loved the vibrant colours necessary for the sunset vista.

Along the way, a few workshops helped me to gain additional skills and knowledge.  However, I love to read and often research techniques in books and on-line.

When we started to travel in 2009, I realized that I would likely be unable to work in this media during our travels.  I surprised myself, completing a couple of commissions in an ‘outdoor studio’ under the awning of our motor-home.  It’s a small portfolio but one that I intend to ‘grow’.