Creative Adventures

Diane Duncan

I am an artist working with textiles, paper, mixed-media, pens, pencils, paint, watercolor … and whatever works for each piece of art I create.

I create because…I must.  Trite but true! Each piece of art is a part of my life story, my experiences, my reaction to surroundings, issues and challenges.

Color and texture are an essential part of my life and have always been important components of my work. Sunsets and sunrises excite me. Rocks, trees, lakes, mountains, prairies and eastern Canada heritage are frequently represented in my work. Shadow and light fascinate and challenge me. I revel in blue skies and storm clouds.

I love challenges, frequently exploring the use of new techniques and materials, often in a search for the best way to communicate through each new piece of art. At the same time, my roots in sewing and traditional quilting frequently re-emerge.

The process of creation is my retreat, my meditation, my route to renewal. It is where I go to regain a sense of equilibrium when the world around me is going crazy. My art is a means of communication, a part of my voice, and I gain tremendous satisfaction when others enjoy and respond to my work.

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