Panel-3During the latter part of my ‘consultant’ career, I found acrylics to be a very satisfying media – lots of colour and immediate visible progress! Although I primarily work with fibre and textiles today I occasionally dip back into this media, especially for the landscape work.

Shaking a Creative Block

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Shaking a Creative Block

I can’t believe that it’s eleven months since my last post!  It’s not that I haven’t been playing, experimenting, painting, stitching, beading and in general creating!  The rambling lifestyle (check out my other blog) has lots of benefits but it does take a toll on serious ‘studio’ time.  Not to mention two years of recovering the use of my dominant hand and wrist after a serious break have taken their toll – but I’m back!  And I’ve got some things to share. First of all, I’m really...

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