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While taking a break from recording my personal story – I was documenting a difficult time in my life – I decided to tackle one of my long-time genealogy brick walls once again. Elizabeth Gilmour, my 4th great grandmother’s parents had been found but beyond that I knew nothing about her or her family line. I stumbled upon some fun stuff!

I find some anomalies in the following document, it is still a work in progress. I am still doing verification via parish register transcriptions. The generations are listed in reverse order and begin with James Stewart/Stuart III – if it links at this point the rest is well documented! Here is where I am in the research at the moment and I would appreciate any assistance readers can provide. I am especially interested in finding out if any of the Lanark County Society Settlers were related to Elizabeth Gilmour who arrived in Canada in 1821 and if any of her siblings, ancestors or children emigrated directly to the United States of stayed in Scotland.

The info re the Royal Lineage is from Family Search. The remainder comes from a variety of sources which I use. Here is the scoop as it sits now –

King James III Scotland

King James III Scotland

19           James Stewart/Stuart III, King of Scotland 10 Jul 1452-11 Jun 1488 married Princess Margrethe Oldenburg, Princess of Denmark, 23 Jun 1456-14 Jul 1468 on 13 Jul 1469. James IV was their eldest son.




King James IV of Scotland

King James IV of Scotland

18           King James Stewart/Stuart IV, King of Scotland 17 Mar 1473-9 Sep 1513 (died Battle of Flodden Field) and Margaret Tudor 28 Nov 1489-18 Oct 1541 were the parents of King James Stewart/Stuart V.




King James V of Scotland

King James V of Scotland

17           King James Stewart/Stuart V of Scotland c 10 Apr 1512-14 Dec 1542, 3rd son and first surviving child of James IV and Margaret Tudor, left children behind with 8+ Known common law partners and two wives, had many children, and died at the age of 30! His partner, Margaret Erskine 13 Aug 1513-5 , birthed James Stewart, Regent of Scotland.

King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England

King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England

May 1572
16           James Stewart VI, King of Scotland and England, 2nd Earl of Moray, 2nd Lord Doune c1568 and Elizabeth Stewart Aug 1565-18 Nov 1591, Second Countess of Moray. James Stewart VI was the son of James Stewart c1529-20 Jul 1590,  First Lord Doune and Margaret Campbell c 1544-?.

Elizabeth Stewart, Second Countess of Moray was the daughter of James Stewart, Regent of Scotland, 1st Earl of Moray and Anna Agnes Keith c14 Jul 1530-16 Jul 1588, Countess of Moray.

15           Their youngest son (I think) James Stewart 1590-1640 and Dorothy Dunlap c 1595-?, both of Glasgow.

14           James Gilmour Jr. c 1585-15 May 1643 and Issobell Clark 25 Jul 1599 c 1655 had four known children. James Gilmour III, Jonet Gilmour c1623-c1675, Bessie Gilmour (may have been Elizabeth and a childhood name) and Andrew Gilmour. (12 great grandparents)

Jonet Gilmour married James Stewart, younger son of James Stewart and Dorothy Dunlap which takes you directly back to the King James VI of Scotland and beyond (extra marital child along the way). (11 great grandparents making Jonet an 11 great aunt I believe. Switching to the Stewart line at this point.)

13           My line goes back to this point through her brother James Gilmour III who married Marian Gilmur 20 Jun 1632 in Glasgow, Scotland, we are not direct descendants. (10 great grandparents)

12           Their son was William Gilmour 1643-1699 married Jean Birrell 1638-? and they had two sons James and William I believe. (9 great grandparents)

11           Their son William Gilmour 1661-1703 married Jean McKie c1669-? (8 great grandparents)

10           Their son William Gilmour 1693-? married Jane Fork ?-? (7 great grandparents)

9              Their son William Gilmour c1714-? married Janet Reid ?-?,  16 Nov 1744, Mearns Associate Sessions, Mearns, Renfrewshire, Scotland. (near Glasgow). (6 great grandparents)

8              Their son William Gilmour ?-?  married Agness Carselaw 7 Jan 1739-? (5 great grandparents)

7              Their daughter Elizabeth Gilmour c1765-13 Dec 1839, Lanark Twp, Lanark County, Upper Canada married William Miller 25 Apr 1762- Bef 1834 Lanark Twp, Lanark County, Upper Canada. They were my 4 great grandparents and well documented. (4 great grandparents)

6              William Miller and Elizabeth Gilmour’s son William Miller 1786-Bet 1855-1860 married Margaret Burns 1788-Bet 1855-1860 married 13 Jun 1807 in Cardross, Dumbartonshire before coming to Canada and settling Dalhousie Concession 2 Lot 14. He was the William who wrote back to Scotland in the frequently quoted letter to his father after arriving in Canada in 1820.

5              His son George Miller 14 Jan 1814 Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland married Helen “Ellen” Mason 18 Apr 1816 Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland on 6 Apr 1836 in Lanark, Upper Canada. Helen was the daughter of Robert Mason and Helen Gourlie 1785-1844, the well known first school master and Clerk of Session for the church in Lanark Village, Bathurst District, Upper Canada. George Miller and Helen Mason had 13 children who they raised along the 3rd Concession of Bathurst Twp, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada.

4              Robert ‘George’ Miller, their second son and 6th child, married Mary Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ Dodds, daughter of Ralph Dodds and Louise McKay. They raised their children on the farm in Glen Tay facing the woolen mill in which Ralph Dodds was part owner and had heavily invested. It burned about 1898.

3              Their eldest son, George ‘Herbert’ Miller 1886-1961 married Alice Whyte Ferrier 25 Oct 1888-15 Mar 1974 and farmed at Glen Tay until…

2              Their only son John Robert Ernest ‘Ernie’ Miller 9 Jun 1917-19 May 1997 and his wife Mary Evelyn ‘Ev’ Mather 9 Sep 1922-5 Mar 2010, my parents, purchased the farm.

1              If I (Diane Miller Duncan) am generation  one (1), look at the number of generations we can go back through the genealogy of this female family line if all proves correct after further verification!

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