Where has all the art gone?

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Last winter and spring I was laid low with a series of viruses followed by a bout with pneumonia. Let me just say that my art required too much energy and wasn’t on the agenda! ¬†Being a person who can’t sit still without doing ‘something’ I decided that although the only way to control the cough was to sit still, I could tackle the second of my life goal and could sit at the computer to update the family genealogy and start writing a book on the family history.

Sorting Genealogy Resource Material

As part of our ‘get it out of the storage locker’ project a year ago, I had already moved some of my Dad’s and my own early files (some going back to the 1970s) into the condo. In addition to this I was in frequent contact with a couple of on-line genealogy friends who fed me info that I needed to track but wasn’t always ready to use when I received it.

Out of storage and into the condo!

More Research

This past spring and summer, hot on the heels of my bout with pneumonia, I found myself tramping through grave yards, visiting archives and libraries , along with some sightseeing, as we crossed the northern USA on our way to southwestern and eastern Ontario. By the time we reached the Perth area I was exhausted! As a result the planned local history research was more limited than hoped for and we failed to connect with many friends. I also failed to find a chiropractor who could crunch me into shape like the one I have here in Calgary so I was moving slowly!


Now back in Calgary since the beginning of August, and with hubby happily installed on a combine in southern Alberta, I am back to trying to make sense of the information I have on hand and to search for additional info to fill holes. Slow going but meeting with some success!

Working space

But when will I get back to my art? When will I get my living space back in order? I’ve declared 2017 a sabattical year for my art and I continue to try and make sense of the tidbit of info I have gathered about the early years of family settlement outside of Scotland. Oh yes, I keep getting drawn into questions about what did the Miller’s do in Scotland and did our branch really migrate from Ayrshire to Dunbartonshire during the 1600s and 1700s.

So on with the art sabattical and pouring my energy into research and writing!


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