Can I get there from here?

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Taking a break from art

Can I get there from here?

During a summer of ‘arting’ while hubby was away, I turned the main rooms of the condo into my studio.When he returned we left for a month of travel with a couple of major show deadlines hanging over my head. Need I describe my past month?

On my return I needed to prepare for my first-time-ever participation in an artisan show. The Contextural show in mid-November required me to create items that would mainly be in the range of Christmas present purchases. Among the items I offered were textile collage-covered studio journals in a variety of sizes and patchwork purses. I added some framed stitchery pictures created earlier this year and used fabric I had hand woven many years ago to create a couple of mobius shawl wraps. When I added is some quilted baby play mats, the contribution to the show didn’t look too meager. I was also pleased with the results!

After the show I turned my mind to completing some pictures for an upcoming exhibition in Vancouver. The research and planning phase for two pieces took place in September so I was able to swing right into production mode. In spite of major computer problems I was able to send the official artwork and submission today.

I share all this to ask ‘Can I get there from here?’ While trying to recapture photos lost in a recent computer disaster I found the above photo of my dining room table taken once upon a time and wondered if it will ever look like that again. LOL!

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