Thomas Poole – On the Other Side of the Atlantic

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Chelseashire England

View of Chelsea from a Balloon

Introducing Thomas and Sarah Poole

Thomas Poole and his wife Sarah Duffield raised a family of ten children in Lanark County, Drummond Township, Concession 4 Lot 6 (near Wayside). Thomas and Sarah are buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, ON. Sarah (c. 1803) died in March 1877, Thomas(c. 1797) in January 1888,  both after living long lives. John B. Poole, a son, was my 2Greatgrandfather. Thomas and Sarah were married January 1827 in the Anglican Church, Perth, ON. The death registers list Thomas’ age as 90 years, Sarah’s as 74 and her title is given as ‘Dame’.

I wondered about the significance of the title and found Dame is a noble title and the female equivalent of the honour of knighthood in the British honours system. Usually, it’s a matter of money and holdings that determines the worth of the title. These are usually granted by royalty in gratitude for a deed to the Crown and are earned by the title bearer. Mystery #1!

Using the names of his children for clues, according to Irish naming traditions, Thomas’ mother was Anne, his father was John, his eldest brother was George and his eldest sister was Sarah.  In my research of Irish marriages, I found an entry for a marriage between John Poole and Ann Bass in the Diocese of Ossory in 1787. Although I have not found further Irish records for John and Ann of this era, I found that a son Thomas Poole was baptized in 1796 at St. Michaels, Chester, Chestershire, England, born 21 December 1796. A second listing for Thomas Poole, born to John and Ann Poole in 1798 also appears in the Chester Parish records. Mystery #2!

Possible links to the Military and Chestershire England

River Dee at Chelsea

Detail from “A prospect of Chester and the River Dee from the South West” by John Glover (c1829). The boats are a special type of shallow draft boats called Mersey flats.

Chester castle, has from the time of early history had military significance. Located at a bend and ford in the River Dee, just north of the border with Wales, it has been the site of many military fortifications. In the years surrounding 1800, the red stone ‘castle’ was in a major state of disrepair and underwent major renovations for use as a modern government site. Today, the museum occupies a 19th century building which was originally the accommodation for both soldiers and officers. The officers moved into the building opposite sometime in the late 1830s.

Behind the museum building is a yard surrounded by a wall. In 1790/1800 when this block was being designed and completed, barracks for soldiers were a fairly recent innovation. Previously they had all been billeted out in pubs and with local townsfolk. At this time the army acted as the police force for major disturbances.  This is why the garrison was put between the town and the Crown Courts.

So the question is, “Was John a member of the military?” Is this why he received a military grant of land near Perth ON?

Sorting out the Poole Families in Lanark County

Thomas was one of a number of Poole men who settled in eastern Ontario. The challenge has been to sort out if any of the settlers were related. The land on which Thomas and Sarah lived was originally granted to John Poole Jr., 18 Jul 1819. It had originally been granted to John McDonnell Jr. In 1836 John Poole Sr., whose name was also attached to this parcel, sold this parcel to Thomas for 100 pounds. The witness signators were William and George Poole.

John – Perth = John Sr. military

John – Drummond land grant = John Jr. military

John Poole, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Registers of Soldiers Who Served in Canada 1743-1882.  Born Leeds, Regiment: Men at One Ninepence Is Diem, 19 Dec…. Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Regimental Service Registers.

Was John wounded during Rebellion of 1798?

Were these men related to Thomas Poole, my ancestor?






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