Scottsdale – A Travel Interlude

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A SOS call from my son led to a fast trip to Scottsdale last week. Surgery was scheduled and the medical team would not proceed until  he organized post surgery assistance. Mom to the rescue! Between 40+ degree temperatures that didn’t moderate much at night and my son’s recovery it was a quiet week. I managed a couple of evening walks in this park and a few shots of flora and skies that I would like to share.


Scottsdale Park – bike path that stretches for miles between downtown and north Scottsdale


Park Foliage

Park Foliage – a surprising amount of colour

More Park Colour

More Park Colour


One of the Park Residents

One of the park residents enjoying a post-monsoon flood


Evening Sky from the Park

Evening Sky from the Park – the airport isn’t far away


And on another evening I took this sky shot

And on another evening I took this sky shot above the rooftops

Now back to life in the fast track …

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