Getting Back to Blogging

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Fireworks Calgary, AB

Fireworks, Calgary AB, Canada Day 2016

It has been a while! And I have missed my  regular blog ‘rethinks’ of events in my life. I’m just recovering from two or more years of steadily declining energy level and think we have found the cause. After extensive tests for more organic causes it seems that I have been suffering from sleep apnea for some time.  The rest of me seems to only be experiencing manageable ageing issues. One week of use of the CPAP machine and I’m already feeling more like myself! In spite of the  increasingly low energy level and brain fog I had been experiencing, I was able to accomplish a number of art projects and they will be the focus of some upcoming blog posts.

Last week I spent some fun time with my granddaughter who is the delight of my life. She is already designing clothes she wants to make and she won’t be six until later this month! Time to introduce her to the process of designing! When she returns from a trip to BC I’m sure she will be pushing me to find time for some of the projects she is now envisioning on her own! I’ll be sharing some of our adventures!

Over the next few weeks, I also will contact some of the BC artists visited a year ago and who I wanted to feature on the blog. I will need to update my notes for what is happening in their art life! My apologies to all for the delay but for a while blogging was just too much to add into the other ‘must do’s’ of my sleep deprived brain!

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