Margaret’s ‘Mark on the Body’ Project

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Type 1 Diabetes

Honoring those who live with type 1 diabetes

Mark on the Body Project

Honoring those who live with type 1 diabetes

I have followed Margaret Blank’s ‘Honoring Those Who Live With Type 1 Diabetes’ project for some time and recently contacted her to make a contribution. Her husband died at a young age as the result of diabetic complications and she has undertaken a mammoth art project entitled ‘Mark on the Body’. For the details visit her blog. She tells of how the project began in a post written on 28 November 2013. She talks of the impact on the skin of daily shots of insulin, shots that became more frequent as the years passed. She did the math to estimate the number of shots he received over the years. She estimates approximately 26,882 shots – 26,882 puncture wounds that caused scar tissue to develop over the years.

I have a son who daily struggles to find a new site for injections. We watch the news waiting for the announcement of a cure. Progress is being made. But will it be soon enough?

Margaret started a secondary project last year and has asked for volunteers to help her. She is calling this MOB II. The picture is my contribution. It took me a couple of hours last night and I mailed it off today. Just a two inch square of mark making stitches.

I would encourage anyone whose life has been impacted in someway by type 1 diabetes to contact Margaret to obtain her participation kit. I’m sure she has some significant plans for the finished project. Also please share this post and her blog site with friends and family.

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