Still in the Introspective Mode

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Still Introspective – LOL!

Still introspective! In the interest of 2016 journaling, I am still in seasonal holiday dig-deep mode, playing with some on-line tools. Haven’t done this for ages! I’m not sharing the link for this as I’m not sure how safe it was.

This exercise was a Myers-Briggs test and although I’ve always been heavily weighted in the direction indicated, it seems I am becoming more so!

As an INTP, I am a thinker, analyzing problems deeply with intelligence! Apparently I prefer to think independently and to read as opposed to chatting and discussion.
  • I get my energy from abstract theories and principles concerned with inspiration, imagination and creativity.
  • I deal with information from the surrounding world through implication, analogy, connections, possibilities, inference and predictions as opposed to absorbing detailed information gained through the senses.
  • I like to explore new ways rather than focus on current skills.
  • I make decisions based on logic and the relationships between things, evaluating through objective analysis. I think that principles are more important than being flexible!? Value and harmony are standards for evaluation.
  • I organize and design my life based on information that I collect. I try to understand and adapt. I focus on process and change my goals based on changes in information.
  • I allow for unforeseen circumstances in my daily life, like a loose and free lifestyle which may be a bit disordered. I like to make plans and would like to manage, control and drive for results; I drive for results. I hope my life is organized, proceeding step by step while respecting a timeline.

I’m digging deep as I try and plot a way forward (I like to make plans and would like to manage, control and drive for results). LOL

Are you introspective? How are you approaching 2016?

Will you journal? Will you choose a word for the year? Or are you a ‘Whatever shall be, shall be’ person?

If you are an artist, how will this affect the way you approach your work?

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