Journal Page: Nostalgia – My First Crewel Embroidery

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Crewel Embroidery Journal Page

Nostalgia – My First Crewel Embroidery Diane Duncan 1965


Nostalgia – My First Crewel Embroidery (1965)


Fabric, wool tapestry yarn,


Nostalgia – My First Crewel Embroidery (1965) was part of a shipment of household items moved to Calgary and recently sorted. The frame for this piece was outdated and although the original mounting was terrible and left a glue residue in the fabric (the brown spots) I wanted to save it. After removing the backing and soaking it in a mild soap and water for two days, I backed it so that it could ‘fit’ this series. A great way to preserve a bits of memorabila that otherwise would be discarded. Everytime I look at it I am reminded of the Toronto-based summer school and the house mates with whom I have since lost touch.




8.5 x 11 inches


In the artist’s collection.

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