Success and the Desire to do More

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I believe that if a four year old can spend most of a day working on a project and still be anxious to do more I can count the project a success. Look at what she produced – gifts that will soon be mailed to special people in her life!

Christmas Decorations

Grandma, can we do some more?

The results of the day were quite attractive and putting the last few ‘sparkles’ in place was a great way to delay bedtime!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations – Made by a Four year old

Christmas Decorations

Table top Trees


And Grandma found time to make a tutu for a little girl who loves to dance to the music of the movie ‘Frozen’. There will be lots of things under the tree so she can enjoy it now!


A Ribbon Tutu inspired by ‘Frozen’

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