Silk Scarf Workshop

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Dye Paint Silk Scarf

Dye-Painted Silk Scarf©Diane Duncan 2013 with Gillian Loban

(Another delayed post due to technical difficulties)

My word for 2013 has been ‘Renew’  and what a journey is proving to be.  I’ve already decided that my word for 2014  will be ‘Focus’ and that one of my primary efforts will be to explore surface design techniques in more depth.  Earlier in the fall I participated in workshops where we experimented with sun printing and fabric dye painting.  This week I was able to participate in a silk painting workshop led by Gillian Loban.

Gillian likes Setacolour silk dyes diluted 1/2 and 1/2 with water in squirt bottles and did we have fun.  My colours were bright orange, burgundy/pink and navy and do I ever like the results!  A sprinkle of salt added complexity to the colours as they blended.

Dye Painting Silk Scarves

Silk Scarf Painting Workshop – Two Scarves Similar Colours Different Results (Wet)

Gillian teaches courses through a number of venues in Calgary so perhaps I’ll be able to work with her again.

Silk Painting Surface Design Quilted Mouse Guild

Gillian Loban – Instructor for Silk Scarf Painting Workshop – Quilted Mouse Guild



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