Fighting Procrastination and an Earlier Than Expected Deadline!

Posted by on August 1, 2013 in Featured Flag, Fibre Art & Quilts | 0 comments

3D Fibre Art Sculpture - Aspen Moment © Diane Duncan 2013

A Peek at My Work in Progress – Aspen Moment – Work in Progress © 2013 Diane Duncan

This is what faced me this morning but I kept finding many other chores that needed doing!  Why is a ‘second’ of something so much less appealing and difficult to tackle?  Procrastination – I don’t have time for you today!

I am currently working on my first installation piece, tentatively named ‘An Aspen Moment’.  It is designed to be viewed from two sides and will incorporate three layers of sheer fabrics under a canopy of aspen leaves, anchored in sparse fall grasses and the sandy, stony soil of the Alberta hillsides.  Needless to say there will be ‘an aspen’ grove incorporated as well!

I learned of a potential exhibition opportunity that requires photographs for a completed application form by next Friday.  A much shorter time interval than planned – my original goal was September 1 in readiness for an October show!

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