Enough of this Procrastination! Working on a ‘Grandma Hug Quilt’

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'Hug' Quilt

Working on ‘A Quilt Full of Hugs’ for my Granddaughter’s Big Girl Bed


The act or habit of procrastinating,

or putting off or delaying,

especially something requiring immediate attention!

Back early in the spring I developed a back problem that was aggravated by time at the computer and so decided to take a short holiday.  Big mistake!  It’s been really hard getting back into the rhythm of making regular blog posts.  Lately I’ve been making the most of my time and space (with hubby away) to complete some things on my ‘to do’ list.  I’ve been seriously stash busting and have six quilts currently in various stages of completion!  Can’t let all that great fabric just go, can I?

The Answer to my Procrastination

Just Do It!

So I’m taking time away from stitching to write this post!

The quilt above is one I’m trying to complete for my granddaughter’s third birthday.  Apparently she has been taking her crib quilt to bed with her and I decided she needed a quilt for her ‘big girl’ bed.  You can see the crib quilt in this post  . I’m currently in the midst of quilting the ‘Grandma Hug Quilt’ and am loving the colours – lots of pink and purple.  For these child quilts I keep the pattern simple and make sure that the quilting and fabrics will with-stand frequent trips into the laundry.  Some of the show quilt rules go out the window in favor or speed and durability!

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