Quilted Bargello Wedge Curved Table Runner

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Quilted Bargello Wedge Spiral Table Runner

Spiral Wedge Table Runner 21×57″ © 2006 Diane Duncan

These table runners were prepared as promotion items for a course in a quilt shop – as requested by the owner. It was based on a pattern by Patty Latourelle and I believe she brought back from Quilt Market. I got permission to use the pattern when teaching classes at the time when I made these.  I faced the pieced top rather than using a binding for the edge.  I like the look. When I recently did a web search, I find that the pattern is available in many places on the web.  Just type ‘spicy spiral table runner’.    However, I do still have my teaching notes….

As it turned out, the course didn’t run but I have both a picnic and dining room table runner to use or to gift.  The first item includes a collection of chili pepper fabrics I gathered on one of my first trips to Phoenix AZ.  The second, a monochromatic table runner (picture at the end), was made from a collection of off white fabrics.

I have a couple of different wedge rulers that I can use to make quick and easy items for gifting.  There are more items in this portfolio based on their use.  Cheryl Phillips has some great idea books and a web site.  I found these quick and easy projects great while getting my ‘sea legs’ when re-entering the quilt world and learning the ‘modern’ techniques for piecing and quilting.

Quilted Wedge Spiral Table Runner

Monochromatic Bargello Wedge Curved Table Runner 21×57″ © 2006 Diane Duncan


  1. Where can I get the pattern for spiral wedge table runner

    • Hi Dorothy,
      Did you try the links that I list in the post? I made those runners about ten years ago and beyond what I posted I’m not sure where to guide you. Basically you sew strips together and then cut with the wedge varying the starting point at the narrow end. and the reverse for the alternate end. Can you work from my photo? Alternately have you tried Pintrest? This design has been around for a long time and someone has got to have posted it….

  2. How can I buy this spiral wedge table runner

    • Sorry, I’ve ‘gone dark’ for a bit. Are you still interested?

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