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Sunrise from My Window

Winter Sunrise from My Window in Calgary

Has anyone noticed my absence?

For the past ten days I have been nose-to-grindstone doing the slug-work of cleaning up a blog that was moved from Blogger to a WordPress template and from there into a new ‘made for all gadgets’ template that magically transforms my art website from computer screen to tablet to smart phone format.

That involved editing every post and re-entering all the photos so they would be resident on the site with my web site.  Oh did I mention that it involved learning about how ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ should be used for best effect?  Or did I mention anything about learning about key words and SEOs and…and… and…

Next step was to find the photos of the art work I have done over the last number of years and find ones that would display my love of texture and colour to it’s best advantage!  All this in a database/library that has transition through at least two serious computer crashes, been transferred from computer to computer and generally become a bit of  jumble ……

Anyway I have to say a big thank you to a son who has done yeoman service doing all the technical and behind-the-scenes stuff while being patient with his Mother.

Why, you ask?  Well I have a dream… and emerging plans…. and an effective website is a tool to make some of it happen.

Meanwhile I signed up for an on-line course offered by Dale Anne Potter ‘Build Your Small Business Online’.  As many of you know I’ve been on Facebook for years and even have a DianeDuncanArt ‘Page’ as well.  I have a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, a Google+ account, a Pinterest account and …..   As a result of the course I am now taking another look at all these accounts and learning about how they, and others, can be used effectively, and oh yes, I’ve added  a twitter account and I’m using Hoot Suite to manage accounts…..

Who says I need to play Facebook games, or do Sudoko and crossword puzzles to keep the grey matter challenged?  When my 2 1/2 year old Granddaughter arrives with her own I-pad (a hand-me-down) and proceeds to turn it on, find the game or downloaded movie or TV program that she wants, all on her own, I feel I’ve got to keep up with this technology stuff if I’m going to keep up with her!

Seriously though, when I think back over the years and about how things have changed and how we have adapted, sometimes kicking and screaming, I ask myself ‘Why should I stop now’.  The world has never stopped evolving just because one retires, or wants to slow down.  I’m not ready for a rocking chair yet so I’ve got to remain relevant!

So onward I go.  Thanking my lucky stars that a certain person got his diploma in business development and marketing and made internet marketing his specialty back in the 1990’s.  Grateful that I have enough knowledge of technology that I can follow direction and save money by doing the grunt work myself.  Hopeful that I can make some of my dreams happen…

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  1. Looking GREAT Diane! This photo is AWESOME!!!

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