Beaded Cabochon Necklace 1

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Beaded Cabochon

Beaded Cabochon © 2012 Diane Duncan


Beaded Cabochon Necklace 1


While in Quartzsite I picked up several pieces that I thought would make a good base for beaded cabochons.  This fused-glass one is the first one I have completed,  I love the vibrant colours.  I left the back of the cabochon exposed so that the glass could catch the light from time to time.  A coordinated bead chain was created for this piece.


Approximately 23″ or 58 cm plus 3 in or 7 cm cabochon and closure.


In the artist’s collection.

Beaded Cabochon Necklace

Beaded Cabochon Necklace © 2012 Diane Duncan

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