Retirement Angst: 2008 in Review

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2008 Revisited

2008 Revisited: Retirement Angst 38×55.5″ Quilt Art © 2009 Diane Duncan

Retirement Angst: 2008 in Review




Retirement Angst: 2008 in Review


Quilt / Fibre Art


Retirement Angst: 2008 in Review was completed during our first years of travel via motor home and was one of the projects that made me decide to limit the size of my pieces for the duration of our travels.  I started to work on it during the fall of 2008 following our purchase of the RV and before we left on our four year travels in January 2009.

It began as a scrap piecing exercise and as I laid the strips side by side on the floor the idea of using them as background for a chart of the TSE from January to November 2008 was born!  I used the built-in fonts of my sewing machine to gather quotes from famous people about money and retirement.  I then capture some of my angst in free motion quilting of the background.  Using bright cheering colours shading to grays and blacks (left to right) I indicated the shift in my thinking.  I’m happy to report, things have worked out for us!

38″ x 55.5″

Circa 2009


In the artist’s collection.



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