Memory Quilt for Dave and Lisa’s Wedding

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Memory Quilt for Dave & Lisa's WeddingQuilt

Memory Quilt for Dave & Lisa’s Wedding © 2005 Diane Duncan




Memory Quilt for Dave and Lisa’s Wedding


Quilt Art


This memory quilt was created as a surprise for my son and his wife on their wedding day. It was hung by members of the wedding party so that it would be at the reception when they returned from their picture session and gave the guests, while they were waiting for the reception program to begin, a glimpse into the couple’s joint history.  Each ‘window’ featured a symbol, story or photo of their courtship years.

This was my first major quilt art project using digital printing and I was really pleased with the results.  I was able to reproduce digitally, photos and the story of their first meeting, written from both a ‘his’ and ‘her’ vantage point.  I told them I was doing a scrapbook! To this I added some applique of symbols and other landmarks via paper piecing. Their engagement occurred in Central Park, New York where they were vacationing, so featured large on the quilt with symbols, photos and a map.  Other trips to Arizona and to New York gave me addition material to work with.  Of course a photo of their engagement party and of a family shower were included.

Approx. 70″ x 70″

Circa 2005.



In a private collection.

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