Introduction to Paverpol

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I’m always on the lookout to find new materials or techniques that I might use in mixed-media art.  While at the Calgary Creative Stitches & Crafting Alive Show I came across a booth with a representative offering courses in the use of Paverpol to create garden-safe sculptures.  My sister has created a couple of sculptures and they combine fibre empregnated with a material that hardens it to a waterproof structure.  I have never encountered an opportunity for a course previously so I immediately signed up.

Brenda Topley of Black Sheep Design Studio introduced her ‘beginner’ students to the material and each of us left with quite a credible sculpture at the end of the day.  ‘Miss Matilda’ was my creation.

I loved the result but it’s not something I want to incorporate into the work I am doing at this time.  In the future it may be right for a particular construction requirement and I’ll keep info about this product for future reference.

Miss Matilda © 2012 Diane Duncan

Miss Matilda © 2012 Diane Duncan

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