Journal Quilt – C for Calgary,Children,Change & Conference

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Journal Quilt - Fiber art

Journal Quilt – C is for Calgary, Children, Change, Conference, fibre art 12×12″ © 2012 Diane Duncan


This month’s journal quilt is ‘busy’ but more joyful reflecting, I hope, a turn in the course of events.  Can you find the ‘C’s’ encircling the centre of the piece?


September proved to be a busy month.  For me it was an introduction into full-time life in Calgary, a first-time for living in a city environment.  It was a month of continued, but lessening, worry about family health issues balanced by wonderful times with my granddaughter.  It was a time for making new friends, joining art groups, and gatherings with friends.  September brought travel to my first FAN (Fibre Art Network) retreat in Saskatchewan.  My journal piece this month reflect a month of slowly resuming a ‘normal’ life, of taking time to get back into my art head-space, of reaching out for inspiration and support for my return to active participation in the art world.


This September journal quilt was lurching in the back of my mind for several weeks before I actually got a chance to create it.  I’ve had a bin of scraps sitting beside my sewing machine for a while waiting for a chance to shine.  Random piecing, slicing, and rejoining the analogous-color pieces selected, resulted in this happy piece of fabric.  As a ‘new’ component, I reached into my sewing machine attachment case for the ‘circle tool’ – one that I had originally had problems getting to work for me – and quilted in circles using a simple machine embroidery stitch.  This time the ‘C’ is more discreet – hidden along the inner circle near the centre of the quilt – with a couple in a corner for good measure!  The edges are over-stitched using the ‘top-stitching foot’ for my machine – another first use! Once again a happy addition to my future selection of tools.


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