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Blogger's Quilt Festival
I just found this really neat site for an on-line quilt festival and thought I would post an entry. There is a first time for everything!



My entry is the wedding wall quilt that I made for my son and daughter-in-law a few years ago.


Dave and Lisa's Wedding Quilt


Under the guise of making a scrapbook for them, I asked them both write the story of how they met and under another pretense got a copy of some of their digital photographs. Where I didn’t have photos, I used logos or paper-piecing to create blocks. Because New York City figured large in their story, I even created a map of Central Park, where my son proposed, and pieced a New York skyline. One of the wedding party hung it at the reception so guests could see it while waiting for the wedding photos to be taken. When the bride and groom returned, they were amazed at my ‘story board’.  I used the ‘attic windows’ concept to unite the blocks and provide a ‘window’ into their memories.

The pictures of the quilt aren’t the best, but all that I have.   Here are some of the detail shots.


Wedding Quilt Detail

Wedding Quilt Detail Shots

Wedding Quilt Detail

Wedding Quilt Detail

Wedding Quilt Detail



  1. This is really lovely. I'm sure it will be charished forever. ann

  2. What a fabulous quilt! Wonderful concept, and I love the way you told the story using attic windows.

  3. stunning quilt!! my son and his family are in new york state right now and my dil loves new york city–had to send the hot link for this. what a lovely gift!!

  4. Wonderful memory quilt. Love it!


  5. Very beautiful quilt work !

  6. Such a cool idea for a memory quilt. Love the concept – the individual blocks are awesome and the quilt as a whole is quite stunning.

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