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We’ve been back in Alberta now for the past week and I’m madly trying to sort and sift the interior of the motor home to simplify life after my surgery next week. On top of that I had to fit in a couple of days for the tax man and make a number of trips for medical appointments – not all mine.  Add to that refinishing a piece of furniture for a nursery…  The weather was a balmy 20C when we arrived but Alberta has been experiencing a series of wintery storms that are bring much needed moisture for the growing season. We’ve had a lot of snow and wind over the past week. This is a view from our ‘front window’ in the motorhome.

View from the Motorhome - Spring in Alberta


Knit Baby Sweater and BonnetThe math for the sweater was a success and was only challenging when I got to the shaping at the back of the bonnet. This project was a prime example of why one should do a test sample. My yarn was obviously heavier than the pattern specs as I used quite a few less stitches. I found it easiest to ‘rewrite’ the pattern with the new specs rather than just pencil them in and to do all the changes before I started.

I was delighted to be a guest at the opening reception of Quilt Canada. This year it is here in Calgary. I really wanted to be a full participant but I’ve had a winter of battling viruses and resulting ear problems that left me fearful of my ability to attend and participate fully. My arm has strengthened so workshops would not have been as much of a problem as first feared, even though certain activities are difficult – anything that requires precision with my dominant hand is frustrating.  Hopefully this will be a thing of the past in the near future.


Quilt Canada - Calgary, AB 2010

The competition show has some really great new work in it. I cruised the merchant mall to plan my attack on Friday and left the invitational shows until Friday as well. I’m told that they are spectacular! I’ve only got a few hours to cover all this as I volunteered to staff the SAQA area between 2 and 4 on Friday.


Wearable Art - Samari Coat


Being new to the Calgary area I hope this will help me meet some of the local textile artists. I wore my samurai coat to the reception and it had the desired result.  Lots of people introduced themselves and commented.  I really should have entered it in a show somewhere. If you saw me at the reception please drop me a line.

I’m going to post infrequently on the travel blog for the summer and give this one a chance. Drop by often. Once I’m home after the surgery this will be a priority.





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