Quilted Jacket - Front

Quilted Jacket – Front © 2008 Diane Duncan

Although many of my current ‘wearables’ focus on upcycles and surprises for a granddaughter, they sometimes include sweatshirt embellishment, wearable art and challenges to wearable exhibitions. Clothing construction through the years have included everything from tailored suits and everyday clothing to my wedding dress, and more recently my ‘mother of the groom’ ensemble.

Aftermath of Shopping Summer Sales

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Aftermath of Shopping Summer Sales

On Tuesday a friend met me at my fibre art exhibit and later we had lunch and browsed through some of the local shops. I don’t think either of us started out with the intent of making purchases but some of the shops had buys that were just too hard to pass up. Among my purchases was a pair of slacks, regular price $70 for $20. At 5’9″ I often have difficulty getting pants that are long enough but this pair met that criteria. I also often have trouble getting sufficient crotch depth. This pair had depth to spare but did not...

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