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Handknit Socks

Handknit Socks – Loving a fibre in all it’s formats!

Since I first picked up knitting needles at the age of six, yarn has never been far from my hands. During our extended travels, I discover the joy of sock knitting and now have to ask myself ‘Which pair today?’ It always me to indulge my love of colour and fibre in a practical format!

Knitting and Crochet Projects

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Knitting and Crochet Projects

I’ve been lying low for a reason – I am reduced to typing with one hand and one finger due to a broken wrist shortly after my last post. Hopefully, surgery later this year will correct the resulting problem. In the meantime I have experienced 12 weeks in a cast, visits to specialists, travelled half way across the continent west to east and back again to finalize the sale of our home and then halfway across the north and south axis to our winter destination in search of some sun and much needed R&R. All the above to say...

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