Diane Duncan has created with color and texture since her childhood attempts at needlework under the guidance of her Grandmother.  Her prized possessions during early years included the new watercolor paint box and crayons that were part of the annual issue to each student in her rural school.  She still has some of these paint boxes!

As an elementary school teacher, challenged with providing art and home economics curriculum content for students, she frequently found that her most successful classroom projects came from techniques and topics she researched and tried on her own.  During the years at home with small children she continued to research and experiment but focused primarily on working with fibre in its many forms. Weaving, dyeing fibre, spinning, needlework, quilting and sewing provided an outlet for creative energy while she supervised her children’s playtime and participated in a busy farm business.

In the early 1980’s she added a university program to her already busy schedule and in 1985 graduated with a degree in Canadian Studies (Honors).  Rather than pursue her planned return to the classroom, she became the Coordinator/Curator for a fledgling museum project, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, ON.  She served in this position for several years before moving on to a busy career as a consultant in Community Economic Development and Organizational/Change Management.

In 1993, she joined a watercolor class for her first formal instruction in this medium.  In May 1994 she was thrilled when four of her paintings sold during her first group show.  She continued to study with teachers in various media, for a while focusing on studies with international fibre artists including Pamela Mahoney, Iona McCauley, Barbara Olsen, Laura Cater-Woods, Ellen Ann Eddy, Robbi Joy Eklow, Vikki Pignatelli, Karen Eckmeier, Judith Trager, Pamela Allen, Elaine Quehl  and Deena Crain.

Diane Duncan and her husband spent four years, between 2009-2012, traveling full-time throughout North America, collecting photographs and experiences’ from their motorhome.  In 2012 their travels were extended to include visits to countries in Central and South America. Diane is currently located in Calgary, AB where she is developing a new body of work influenced by her travels and exploration of new media and techniques.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in collections across Canada and in the USA.


Diane’s Comment About Her Art

 “Travel is my inspiration and art is the window to my soul.   The colors and textures I absorb as the days and miles pass by, the experiences and stories that I accumulate, the people I meet – they become part of me.  My art is my way of capturing my reactions, memories, dreams and reflections as filtered through my inner self.”


A Favorite Quote

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
~ St. Augustine