Lanark County Junior Farmers – Some of the Firsts!

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As new information becomes available –

For the moment I jump to 1944 and a report of the Ramsay Unit of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) meeting in Appleton.

From the Almonte Gazette:

 In addition to a speaker from Renfrew County who spoke of the need for farmers to unit behind the OFA to get better prices for their crops, Alex Stewart, Past President of the Appleton Junior Farmers gave a report about the Lanark County Junior Farmer organization and The work of these clubs – “A recreational and an educational program, both of which are so necessary to youth, has raised interest until there is a membership of about 400 people in Lanark County”.

A Busy Group!

Excerpts from a booklet The Lanark County Federation of Agriculture, Perth, Ontario, 1949-1950 provided by Helen Giles (Closs):

Lanark County Federation of Agriculture

Lanark County Federation of Agriculture Booklet: 1949-1950

The Lanark County Junior Farmers was formed on May 25, 1944, with Ernest Miller as President, and Margaret Bell (Hunter) as Secretary. At that time there were three clubs in the county association – Perth Appleton and Pakenham.

The Annual meeting was held on October 30, 1944. At this meeting Harry Mather was appointed President for the coming year, and Jean Ferguson, Secretary. During this year another club was formed at Smiths Falls.

The first Drama Festival sponsored by the organization was held in Carleton Place on March 23, 1945, and the first Musical Festival was held on May 18, 1945. These two events have been held annually ever since. The North Lanark Women’s Institutes presented a cup for competition in the Drama Festival; and the Forsyth Trophy, so named in honour of the late Fred Forsyth, Agricultural Representative for Lanark County was presented for use in the Musical Festival. During the year 1945 the first demonstration day was also held. In June the same year a Field Day was held at McCreary’s Landing, and this has become an annual event.

Some of the projects that are carried on by the Association are Calf Clubs, Stock Judging, Seed Judging, Demonstration Day, which is held in conjunction with one of the local fairs, There are also projects in reforestation, nigh classes in shop work, farm engineering and other allied subjects. During the past year we also had a drama workshop in the county. The girls’ clubs carry on projects such as sewing classes, cooking, canning and garden clubs, and hold their own achievement day. During 1949 Public Speaking and Amateur Entertainment nights were held and proved both entertaining and successful.

In the succeeding years, the following have held office:

1945-1946  John Early, president; Clyde Bell, Secretary.

1946-1948  Alex. Bell, president; Allen Poole, Secretary.

1948-1949  Reggie Downey, president; Forbes Evans, Secretary.

1949-1950  Wm. Paul, president; Forbes Evans, Secretary.





  1. Hi Diane
    It is such a nice day that I decided to spend some of it attempting to develop a list of agricultural organizations in Lanark County. Not a noteworthy activity but I was curious and I am involved in a couple of projects that could benefit from a bit more outreach.
    Not surprised to see your work but very impressed with all the work you have done on this site. A wonderful way to archive important history. I have discovered one or two others as I worked my way through what Google could provide.
    Anyway, I came across the Lanark Junior Farmers which does not appear to exist anymore but I thought I would use it as an excuse to say hello to you and Don.

    Hope you are both well. I hope this message gets through. It is very difficult to see it on the screen.

    • Hi Lorne and Louise,
      I have been neglecting my website and am soon to rectify that! I’ve been very focussed on gathering info on a distant aunt who arrived in Canada as an eight year old in 1820. The story of her descendants is fascinating! I put my head down and avoided distractions, eg website, and now have a book published that tells the story of her descendants, Check out the books I have at The first book was Dad’s memories of his life in Glen Tay and it tells the story of a number of farm organizations in the county and also at the provincial level. If you have problems finding my dashboard at blurb – Diane Miller Duncan – let me know.

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