Settling in to a new “Creative” Year

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Note cards

Thanks for the Good Times

Spring and summer 2014 have been a time of extremes. Emotions have run the gambit – from high to low. Happy times mingled with sad, joy with sadness. It was a time of renewal and of letting go.

Since April I have said goodbye to a much loved younger brother who left us suddenly without warning. A warm and caring man, highly regarded by family, friends and neighbours; his death has left a hole in many lives. The shock and sadness left me reeling.

On the other hand, this summer we traveled to Ontario where we renewed friendships that span many decades and which have held firm despite the physical distance created by our move to Alberta.  We were welcomed, feted, feed and royally entertained during our travels and stay in the Ottawa area. Many happy memories will sustain us over the coming months.

In May, with sadness, we parted with our ‘ home on wheels’, the motorhome that was my husband’s pride and joy, our shelter and wheels as we traveled many miles during our four vagabond years. This summer, during our travels, we discovered that we had to learn new routines as we adjusted to a more compact and fuel efficient RV.

We sorted, shipped, sold and gave away the last of belongings that had remained in storage since the beginning of our travel years.  This was not only hard work, but also a bittersweet experience.  Many of the items had memories trapped within their shape – of family, ancestors and our life together. But in the end they are only ‘things’. We recognized that we are now happily settled in a more compact home and enjoying what the present and future offer. It was time to let go.

And to do this, I took four months leave from my studio!

A month of grief and busy preparations for travel, two and a half months on the road followed by two weeks of visitors and family commitments created a pent-up need to get back to creating!  I’ve just finished a couple of things that were at the top of my A list.  The thank you cards above were created using photos taken throughout the summer.  The placemats below were created so that I could send a wedding gift home with parents of a bride. Both projects were great fun.  The first forced me to do a preliminary sort of my photos.  The second got me back into the sewing room!


Side one – denim recycled from jeans

Reversible placemats

Side two – Summer melons, bright and cheery

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