Quilted Jacket - Front

Quilted Jacket – Front © 2008 Diane Duncan

Although many of my current ‘wearables’ focus on upcycles and surprises for a granddaughter, they sometimes include sweatshirt embellishment, wearable art and challenges to wearable exhibitions. Clothing construction through the years have included everything from tailored suits and everyday clothing to my wedding dress, and more recently my ‘mother of the groom’ ensemble.

Up-cycling Sweatshirts #1

Posted by on December 2, 2012 in Featured Flag, Fibre Art & Quilts, Wearables | 10 comments

Up-cycling Sweatshirts #1

Thanks to a particularly nasty encounter with a flu  bug I’ve been under the weather and very limited in creative energy.  In fact, for a number of days, I existed on fluids and slept.  Now hubby is dealing with it. However, a bit of hand work did manage to get completed and here is the first of my up-cycled sweatshirts finished.  Complete with pockets, it is sure to become a favorite! As the instructions I worked from didn’t have images, I assumed that the folded fabric lacing would be ‘whipped’ around the folded edge...

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