Bead Bracelet 8

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Bead Bracelet 8

Bead Bracelet 8 © 2010 Diane Duncan



Bead Bracelet 8


This is one of a series of bracelets that I created while at North Ranch, the Arizona Escapees Park near Congress. The gals there were very much a part of my entry into the world of beading. Each was based on a ‘beginner’ pattern provided to me, and then embellished or reworked to make it more ‘my own’. I’m not known for being a great ‘pattern follower’!

This group of bracelets made great gifts at Christmas although I made sure to keep one of each pattern for myself!  This bracelet get’s worn a lot!  In fact I had to rework it because I went through a period when I didn’t take it off and beading doesn’t respond well to that kind of wear! I’m still wearing it but being a little more gentle with it!


Approximately 7″ or 17.5 cm plus closure.


In Artist’s collection.

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