To Knot or Not!

Posted by on November 3, 2011 in Crochet, Knitting and Knotting, Featured Flag | 0 comments

A friend from our Arizona travels tweaked my interest in the craft of tying knots.  I managed at the time to stay focused on other activities but something caught that day.  A little later I spotted a book in a clearance bin in Michaels and picked it up – 75 Chinese, Celtic, & Ornamental Knots by Laura Williams and Elise Mann.  The book got tucked away but resurfaced this fall when we were repacking for our winter travels.  Just about the same time I received a FB invite to join a group on FB – Mateloteurs – an international knotting community.  Looking through the fantastic work shared on that site I really became interested and opened the book…..

Knotting 101



Knotting is certainly one way to pass the time…..  To test the waters I decided to try out some of the knots illustrated in the book.  I’m now on my eleventh sample and can’t put it down.  I am now onto knots that would make great chains to combine with beads for jewelry…….

Will I or won’t I?  I haven’t invested in any equipment yet…..

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