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Labour Day weekend is usually a quiet one around our house but not this year. I came back from holidays with a long ‘to do’ list! Top of the list was to prepare for a fiber art gallery show that I made a commitment to earlier in August. The first night back was a meeting with the group of artists who are cooperating. In July I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hang a solo show in a local Book Shop and have been very pleased with the feedback and the sale of a large piece. I discovered that there was another opening for the month of October and decided to run it past some friends who were interested in learning more about preparing for and hanging a show. So we’re off and running.

Fiber Art - Turning Sixty - A Special Birthday

Because I was away until midweek I have spent every available moment preparing one of my pieces – taking it far enough to do some photography for promotional purposes. Today was spent in photographing the work of the other participants so that postcards can be ordered and an e-mail flyer prepared. One of the group has also offered to set up a Picasa site specific to the group so I will post the link when it is ready.

Fibre Art - Rodeo Queen in progressFor my ‘larger’ piece I decided to do an addition to my story pictures series and can’t wait until I see it completed. I’m really having fun with these pieces and fulfilling my ‘use it or lose it’ goal at the same time. Dipping into my bits and pieces, I let the fabric speak to me and presto – ‘the Rodeo Queen’ was born! Here is a photo of the piece midway through construction.
Now to prepare the canvas mount/mat. the floating frames are ordered. Then to start work on piece #2. I want to make it the start of another series. It’s still in the fermentation stage! We have to be ready to hang by Setember 17 and the vernissage is on September 24. Aren’t deadlines great!

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