Happy Canada Day!

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Today was one of those glorious summer days – warm without a lot of humidity, a light breeze blowing and bright blue skies above. Don and I joined friends for an early morning walk that developed into a tour of the classic car exhibition in the local park. I think that everyone is eager to be outdoors after a month of rainy days. The participants were busy giving a last minute polish to their vehicles in hopes of catching the judge’s eye later in the day but many took time to stop and chat.

Memory Quilt TechniqueBack home by lunch time, I decided I had enough time before our afternoon plans to start a memory quilt for my son. When we were packing to move to our present house in 2001 I discovered a bag full of his T-shirts from various sports teams from public and high school years. Initially tempted to just throw them out, I decided to see if I could create a ‘cuddle’ quilt for his family room that would not clash too much with the decor. It has to be something that meets with the approval of my daughter-in-law as well!

A couple of years ago, after laundering the shirts, I used a rotary cutter to save the logos from the front of each T-shirt. Today I took knit iron-on interfacing to stabilize and add more body to the fabric. This will also strengthen the fabric from well-worn shirts. I’m still contemplating how I am going to put them together. I’m not aiming for a masterpiece but I want the finished piece to be attractive and usable. Worst case scenario, I have a blanket for the ‘grand-dogs’! More on this project in the days to come.
Canada Day


Then on a Canada Day party in an neighbouring town. I found a recipe for a Canadian flag cake in a recipe e-mail last week and assembled the main ingredients last night. After adding the creamy topping and strawberries, we were on our way. We spent a pleasant afternoon meeting new friends and enjoying the music of some young musicians from the community.


We forgot our sweaters so returned home before the fireworks in the local park but were able to watch and photograph the fireworks in our local park from our back deck.

Canada Day




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